The style quotient of leisure bikes in India just went up notches. Adding panache are two unique, new bikes from Royal Enfield – the Classic Chrome and Desert Storm. With their distinctive styling, drop dead gorgeous looks and a performance to match, both these bikes are poised to be trendsetters on the Indian roads.

The Classic Chrome recreates the magic of old school bikes while offering the best in class technology. With the design philosophy of showing ‘metal as metal’, a styling that suits Royal Enfield Classic the best, the Classic Chrome retains the authentic styling with the unique chrome tanks, wide mud guards and oval tool box, apart from the distinguishing tiger lamps that Royal Enfield bikes are famed for. The single spring saddle seat, the unique tail lamp, the Royal Enfield emblems on the engine and even the font on the speedometer are all inspired by the original styling of the 1950’s. The stunning Chrome is accentuated by the artistic paintwork on the tank, crafted painstakingly by our artisans.

Royal Enfield Classic Chrome: Rs. 1.5 Lakh (Ex-showroom, Mumbai)
Royal Enfield Desert Storm: Rs. 1.4 Lakh (Ex-showroom, Mumbai)

The Classic Chrome story is not just limited to the striking looks. The bike comes with the 500cc Twin Spark, unit construction engine that is designed to thrill the rider with its performance. The 27.2 bhp power output is made available with excellent drivability with a world renowned Electronic Fuel Injection system. The absolute reliability of the unit construction engine, along with the hydraulic tappets, the auto chain tensioner, improved piston and piston rings and a more powerful charging circuit adds huge dependability to the Classic Chrome.

The Royal Enfield Desert Storm ignites the pride and excitement of the battlefield in the hearts of anyone who rides it. When the whole world is moving towards an age where there are no differences, the Royal Enfield Desert Storm stands apart and delivers as a ‘One of its kind’ rebel.

The desert Storm draws inspiration from the world war era, with its bold, macho sand colors scheme. The matt finish paint job, with the Royal Enfield monogram on the tank and the thigh pads, portray the same strength and grit that of a true veteran.

The Desert Storm is also equipped with all the technical features of the Classic Chrome like the wide mud guards, oval tool box, the signature Royal Enfield tiger lamps, single spring saddle seat and the unique tail lamp. It comes fitted with the 500cc TwinSpark, unit construction engine and the 27.5 bhp power output is made available with the Electronic Fuel Injection system.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Shaji Koshy, Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing said, – Our customers have been demanding the ‘Chrome’ model of Royal Enfield for quite some time now. Both Classic Chrome and Desert Storm are meant to bring more thrills to the customer. With leisure riding catching up rapidly, both these bikes will offer a unique choice of biking enthusiasts.

“Following the launch of Classic 350 & 500cc in September 2009, we have been continuously equipping our dealerships to take customer satisfaction to the next level. In 2011, we have added 15 dealerships and one Brand Store to our existing network.”

Talking about the new bikes, Dr. Venkatesh Padmanabhan, CEO, Royal Enfield said, “When we launched the Classic in November 2009, we had not imagined in our wildest dreams that this new product would occupy almost 40% of our total sales within a year of its launch. During this time we have feverishly engaged ourselves in burnishing this gem. The fruits of this labour are now manifested in the Classic Chrome and Desert Storm.

Classic Chrome and Desert Storm, being limited edition products, would be available at select brand stores and dealerships across the country.

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Royal Enfield adds classic glamour with Chrome & Desert Storm, 9.7 out of 10 based on 20 ratings

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